Welcome to 1000 Epic Fails. This website is filled with Epic Fails that are  APPROPRIATE for everyone. The goal for this website is to get 1000+ hilarious epic fails and we have somewhere around 250 (which should keep you busy for a couple hours.) Anyway, I know that there is no way whatsoever that I will be able to get all of the best epic fails. So i have made a section to where you can submit any epic fail you like. Just find the epic fail, Copy and Paste the URL/Web Adress into the area (put as many as you like) and if they are good and appropriate for everyone then i will be more than happy to put it up.

HEY IM STILL HERE! I have put up about six months worth of fails. I am human so I am busy but just send in the URL adress of any video and it will help alot.


Well its easy, just scroll down to the bottom of the page!!! its one step and only takes seconds!!!

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I need help from all of you veiwers and visitors. In order for this site to have lots of popular funny epic fails i need you guys to give me the URL adress to any of the newest or funniest epic fails (regular fails too). So I set up an area below in which you can show me some the epic fails that you would like me to add, and if good (as in a funny epic fail) and appropriate for everyone, then i will gladly put it up. Just find what you want to show me and give me the URL/web adress and i will be able to put it up. Its one step and quick!


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