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04/12/2010 9:03:15 pm

Dude the lamp post fail is hilarious



04/13/2010 4:57:53 pm

Ya i think my favorite is the lamp post one its pretty good!!!


Justin Roberts

04/18/2010 9:22:25 pm

got to agree with you two. The lamp post one is down right hilarious



04/18/2010 9:28:33 pm

i like the shotgun fail the best. its weird though how it just split in half.



04/19/2010 7:44:23 pm

ya the shotgun fail was pretty good too. I feel sorry for the guy though. It be a bummer to be firing a shotgun and then you realize that your holdin one half in one hand and the other in your other hand



04/22/2010 4:55:01 pm

How did the lamp break though, it doesn't seem right



05/10/2010 9:24:32 pm

i havent watched any of them, but they seem hilarious!


07/27/2010 11:05:26 am


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